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Belinda MJ Brown Podcast“Planting the Seeds of Change™ , this is what I do for a living as an Executive Coach.The idea of creating this platform came from my experience as a Certified Executive Coach and Women Success Expert. Indeed, while I assist women, female leaders and international executives successfully, to enhance their performance in a wide range of areas including leadership, communication skills and organizational cultural transformation, I notice the needs for alternative and/or additional resources to support personal and professional growth outside of the one on one coaching.

In my show, I explore transition from a reassuring and empowering angle so listeners quit resisting or denying the only constant that exists in life: Change. Get inspired, take action and ease your personal and professional journey. The weekly episodes of Planting the Seeds Of Change provides education, coaching and priceless wisdom from selected experts who have embraced change as THE ultimate path to success and fulfillment.

“Planting the Seeds of Change™ , this is what I do for a living.

I consult with 500 Fortune companies in the areas of organizational transformation, talent development and diversity management.
Prior to my coaching and consulting work, I spent over 15 years in leadership roles in “men’s world” both in European and American multinational organizations. This experience developed my confidence that feminine leadership and diversity in general enable organizations to thrive and sustain extraordinary results while profiting the community and the world at large.