Ep. 012 Content Strategy And Influence

Content strategy and InfluenceDawn Jensen, Social Business Coach

Dawn is an international social business coach and trainer for business owners and leadership teams. A strategic advisor, she delivers dynamic, interactive, and educational lectures and lectures as a sought-after speaker, and social business trainer. Dawn’s trained thousands of people on technology, social media and digital platforms since 2005, she provides support to CEOs, C-Suite Executives, business owners, and leadership teams in the United States, Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Australia.


Dawn provides direction, platform, and a path through strategic digital marketing practices to create clients as digital thought-leaders and tribe-builders. She works with business owners, leadership teams, and select authors, coaches, speakers, and trainers to provide a cohesive, connected and powerful online presence.

A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, she resides as an outsourced social media consultant and digital marketing strategist for select companies. Dawn provides long-term, big-picture social business intelligence and training through strategic digital marketing practices creating clients as thought-leaders and tribe-builders.

Dawn’s Quotes:

“I feel as the cobbler’s kid, I do all those great things for my clients and I need to implement those strategies to myself.”

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnjensen/

Website: https://www.virtualoptions.net/

How to Cultivate a Powerful Presence in Your Field through Social Media

Most of us already have a presence online, but is it really reaching your ideal audience? Becoming an influencer as a business owner is about much more than simply being on a platform. You need to not only be sharing content, but creating your own content. You have the wisdom and the experience to share a unique approach on your industry through digital platforms.

To help you get from being present to having a real presence in your field of expertise, I reached out to Dawn Jensen to share her advice on being an influencer to our audiences.

Dawn Jensen is an international social business coach and trainer for business owners and leadership teams. She provides direction, platform, and a path through strategic digital marketing practices to transform clients into digital thought-leaders and tribe-builders.

Edit Your Strategy

Social media has to work with the way you do business. We’re all busy, so say for example that you’re a good writer but you don’t have the time to write your own social media posts. Make your social strategy work for you by getting in the bare minimum and getting help so that you can begin to cultivate your presence online.

If what you’re doing online isn’t working, it’s time to change things up. You don’t want to lose momentum because your current strategy is failing you. Get creative on how you get your content out there. Record yourself speaking and get it transcribed. Add social media to your schedule each week. Get help.

Share Impact Visually

Typically when an organization has a point of view, they will share a post or a news release. However, if they want more influence, they may want to engage with visual marketing or infographics to be able to explain a process or impact. A digital presence is more likely to influence if it illustrates a positive benefit or negative outcome.

Supporting evidence that’s also graphically enhanced shares your point of view in a powerful way. When we’re looking at content, we’re looking at a core point of view. These are visual marketing pieces for our core audience, but also future partnerships.

Create a Resource Library

As business owners, it can be really difficult to know what to share. But in fact, if you start from your website, you may find all the inspiration you need. Frequently asked questions are great jumping points because that’s what your audience is often looking for. Create a graphic, fact sheet, or presentation from your FAQ and you’ve just expanded your digital presence in a way your audience will appreciate.

A lot of CEOs have a particular philosophy. This is something to keep going back to. You can explore this vision in a video, weekly article, or audio. It could be utilized for a podcast or interview series. This is how you build a resource library your audience can come to at any time.

Social media is no only a time for leisure, but a time to connect on a higher level. It’s less about creating a community of friends and instead about creating a tribe of people that will share the same type of values.

End Jackson Pollock Syndrome

The Jackson Pollock Syndrome, as Dawn likes to call it, is when you’ve splattered your information out on social media and simply hope that your audience will come. In truth, you have to be OK with not having that immediate gratification. You just stand and you deliver. Your information and your authority and your leadership and your values.

Other times, business owners will post a game-changer and then they get busy and their online presence goes by the wayside. When you start looking at the information you have, take the time to use it in a way that you can build up. It might be 5-10 pieces of content or information that can sustain you when you get to those busy times. Re-purpose your content on a regular basis.

Change takes time. It will take time for your audience to find you. Once you’ve planted the seed and continued to build up your content, your audience will begin to grow. If you’re not evolving on social media and you don’t have a digital strategy, it may be more complicated for you to expand your business. If you are looking to improve your bottom line and your quality of life, your digital presence can get you there.

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