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Ep. 010 How To Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs

How To Break Self-Limiting BeliefsWe offer the opportunity to prospects and clients to be our guests to address on air a challenge they are experiencing.

In this episode, Barbara R. is feeling stuck in her progress. While going through the coaching process:

1- she uncovers the real cause of her limited success

2- she explores potential solutions

3- she implements a plan to create a success mindset


Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs: The Tried and True Process

Making big life transitions like leaving corporate America, moving to a new country, or beginning new relationships can be very exciting, especially when you’re going after your long-term goals. The problem comes when you self-sabotage and hold yourself back because of your own self-limiting beliefs.

Getting out of your comfort zone and into new levels of success can unfortunately cause a lot of fear to come up unexpectedly. Even if you’re going after things you really want in your life, your self-limiting beliefs can hold you back from actually getting them. During times of big change in your life, events like networking, making new friends, public speaking and more can cause you to clam up.

Today, we’ll work through example self-limiting beliefs to show you just what it takes to overcome them.

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs of Fear

The anticipation of the unknown can become a great build up of fear. Remember those times you’ve gone over every possible scenario and decided that the worst was bound to happen? Important events after big changes in your life can seem impossible because of your self-limiting beliefs. This one question might help you start to get back to reality and planning your success.

In an ideal world what would you do to express yourself clearly?

What’s preventing you from acting that way?

In any situation where you feel a fear of doing something wrong or presenting yourself in the wrong way, these questions can be powerful tools to solve your self-limiting beliefs. Perhaps you fear that you’ll be too pushy in a sales call or not know what to say at a networking event. Those fears are keeping you from communicating and putting yourself out there.

Define what those fears look like and you’ll be able to see how they don’t apply to your situation. Then, focus on how you want to express yourself instead of how you don’t want to come across. When you focus on those positive ideals that you want to emulate like being direct, open, and honest you can successfully communicate in any given situation.

Find Your Motivation

Once you’ve uncovered what’s holding you back and how you’d really like to act, it’s time to ask yourself this question:

How does your realization motivate you?

What are you going to do about what you’ve learned about yourself? It’s time to focus on the positive and bring that intention into your interaction. Creating a mantra for your desired approach can be a great way to keep that intention on the top of your mind. Find a saying or sentence that reminds you how untrue your self-limiting beliefs are and how positive you are about moving ahead.

Take the Next Step

Now that you’ve conquered your self-limiting beliefs, it’s time to move forward.

What is your next step?

This is the part where you continue to pursue your goals no matter how scary they might seem. Meet decision makers and leaders in your industry. Join a mastermind. Find a partnership to expand your business. Go forward with your plan to reach success and remember your positive mantra.

You’re planting the seeds of change. To get a tree, you begin with a seed. A tree never becomes a tree overnight. This process may need to be repeated, but as you uncover your beliefs and create new intentions, your seed will grow and blossom.

Use Your Time Wisely

Another unconscious self-limiting belief is ineffectively using your time. Is your calendar full, but not with money-making activities? Have you left any time for what you enjoy most? The things you think you should be doing with your time can actually be limiting beliefs.

Using your time effectively is especially important for entrepreneurs. If you don’t create income opportunities for yourself, no one else is going to do it. Some of us fall prey to our own helper personality. We want to be there for friends and family, but we end up drained ourselves.

How can you be more effective in your calendar to produce more value?

Take some time to answer this question for yourself and you may uncover another great insight. If you simply shift your energy towards your greater intention, you may see great results in your calendar.

What is your plan to create a more effective schedule?

Write it down in a journal or iPad and review it on a regular basis before your meetings. This will become a habit and you’ll be more and more intentional in your activities. Set and communicate your intention to the person that’s in front of you to stay on track.

I wish you success in your goals and would be happy to support you in anyway I can. If you’re available, vulnerable about challenges, and present in the moment you can come to powerful insights about your self-limiting beliefs. In a trusted coaching relationship, you can have an open conversation that leads you to realizations such as these. Remember to always ask for the support you need.

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