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Ep. 008 Growth Happens With Change

Coping with ChangeJamara Wilson, CEO & Business Process Analyst

Jamara Wilson is the CEO and President of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™. A company that helps small businesses establish efficiency through automation and organized systems. She has held numerous leadership roles in the community and enjoys supporting organizations who have a hands on approach in improving society.

She explains how growth has happened with the changes she experienced in her life.

Being focused and dedicated to your goals is what makes you embrace change and ultimately grow.

Jamara’s Quotes:

“There is a lot of inspiration and there is a lot of motivation out there…we are lucky to be at a time and a place where we have all those resources available”

“You have to be willing to outsource tasks even if you think no one can do it as well as you do.”

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3 Keys to Ensuring Change Leads to Growth as an Entrepreneur

Jamara Wilson, CEO and Business Process Analyst, not only embraces change but ensures that it leads to major growth in her life and business. As part of her business, Tuxedo Impressions LLC, she helps small businesses establish efficiency in their operations by systematizing and automating their operations. “We don’t want to change what you do,” Jamara said, “We want to change how you are doing it to make sure that it’s maximizing your efforts and delivering to your clients exactly what you want to see.”

Many of Jamara’s biggest challenges with change came from her business. When she got to the point where she needed to make major changes with her process to reach the next level of business, it was a huge obstacle because she was used to doing everything herself.

Jamara related, “One thing I always believe is that change is growth. Whenever you have to force yourself to change it means you’re doing something well or that you are struggling with

something because you have been doing something else well. I had to allow myself and challenge myself to trust that I can have the spirit of excellence in someone else doing the work just the way I would like it.”

As the number of 16 hour days Jamara worked began to stack up, she realized that needing help was inevitable. She was able to outsource aspects of her process so she could focus on generating revenue.

Going through change like this example is a regular occurrence in business. When it comes to accepting and enacting change in your business, Jamara shared several tips with us.

Trust is Growth

When you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner your business is your baby. You birthed that. You know what you want for it in your mission and your vision. When you’re used to doing things for your business and you feel they were done right, trusting a part of that to the hands of someone else can be scary. You often have to hit that point where you realize that your work-life balance is completely out of sync in order to make the changes you need to make.

Change, even small changes in your business, is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. When you listen to leaders who’ve been successful, you hear only the part of the story where success happened. Success comes from growth and growth comes from the pain you had to realize when your baby was ready to go to daycare and grow up.

The day a woman gives birth to a child and then finally decides that they want to go back to work and trust someone else with their infant is very similar to trusting your business to someone else. Even if you’re struggling with that now, it’s just part of the growth process.

Remember that Change is Good

Change in your business is good for you both professionally and personally. Change equals growth. Making changes to her business allowed Jamara to get back to the personal routine she enjoyed.

By outsourcing a few key functions, Jamara got to the gym more often, read more books, and spent more time outside. Freeing up this time enabled Jamara to make and grow new relationships and relax after a day of work.

When you’re struggling to trust someone with your business or make scary changes to what you do, keep in mind how good it will be for your mental health too.

Don’t Get Distracted by Comparison

You don’t want to compare yourself to other people because everyone has a different journey. The sooner you come to realize that life is a journey not a race, you’ll be able to walk that journey the way you’re supposed to, get what you’re supposed to get to be successful in life, overcome any trial, learn from mistakes, and help others. Not comparing yourself to anyone else in the world allows you to focus on your skills and strength.

Jamara strives to focus only on what she’s doing. There is so much distraction and noise in the world, but you control the noise you expose yourself to. You have the power to decide what notifications you get on social media.

There is a lot of inspiration and motivation out there, but there’s a difference when you compare yourself to your competitors as opposed to looking up to them. When you’re concerned about the competition, you’re concerned about someone who you feel that you want to be like or want things they have. Look at the person who is much bigger than that. Look at them for inspiration. Don’t look at them to copy them, but for inspiration so you can have same success you see they have.

The big and little shifts you make in your business can certainly change your life for the better. Always work from the vision you have for your business and align that with your day-to-day tasks while embracing any necessary change.

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