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Money Mindset In Business and In LifeAdam Dudley, Business Coach, Author

Adam Dudley is the author of Clarity for Solos and a mentor, coach, and champion for solo and small business owners. He helps them to create high-performing businesses that empower their life’s work and liberates them to live as they choose.

Money Mindset For Business OwnersMoney Mindset

Human beings in our modern society seem to struggle with money in different ways.

Some are chasing money as a symbol of their fulfillment in life. Others are afraid of accumulating money based on personal beliefs that money is “bad” and some choose to spend it all as a proof of their commitment to succeed. It is always refreshing and helpful to explore how we value or judge money.

When you value money, you attract it, when you judge it you either repel it or misuse it. Tell us how money makes you feel:

1-How do you personally deal with money?

2-What situations did you experience which have shaped your relationship with money? Read Tony Robbins’ Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook
3-How do the people you spend the most time with interact with money? Do they judge it or value it?


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Haven’t Reached Your Financial Goals? Do This to Change Your Money Mindset

Adam Dudley is an author, mentor, coach, and champion for solo and small business owners. He strives to help entrepreneurs create high-performing businesses that empower their life’s work and liberate them to live as they choose.

Early in his career as an entrepreneur, Adam acquired a number of mentors and learning opportunities that would change his life. As he pursued his goals, Adam realized he would focus on something with a great deal of energy, gain success, and then fall apart. For every goal there was personal sabotage and this is something Adam saw in the small business owners around him.

At the root of this issue was an unhealthy and dysfunctional mindset about money. With research into the new field of financial psychology, Adam found a financial psychologist with a PhD in the very subject. He soon began to learn what it was about his subconscious that caused him to repeat the pattern of success and loss. In this way, Adam faced a huge obstacle that was in the way of him becoming a successful business person.

Money mindset issues hit almost everyone from those of us struggling to the very wealthy. People with very little money and people with a lot of money may walk around believing that having a lot of money solves a lot of problems. The issue is often the reverse. They don’t know how to handle the challenges of having a lot of money. This can exist in all the levels not just the lowest level of economic means.

Do the Emotional Hard Work

Doing deep inner-work with a specialist can be challenging when you’re forced to look at things you’ve been avoiding. It took Adam 2 years of working with a financial psychologist to get through all his blocks over time.

A skilled professional can help you bring forth your subconscious and see the unproductive thoughts that are going on. What Adam found was a history of family doing bad things with money that he carried over into adulthood. Deciding to look at those thoughts more closely was a painful experience, but Adam knew he had to acknowledge that to start to work through the emotions and feelings he had around the experience.

While many of us get to the situation at the core of our issues, we are often ashamed of it and refuse to talk about it. We can know of these problems for decades and still hide behind a persona.

It doesn’t have to be painful. You can take it step by step. Nothing has to happen overnight. Chunking it out like this helps people understand that they have control over the change.

Find Your Pattern

Suffering in a pattern that’s repeating over and over again can be truly frustrating, especially when it’s been going on for years. That cycle of up and downs and not being able to understand why that’s occurring is difficult to deal with emotionally. It affects your work and everyone around you.

When you identify that you have one of these patterns, you’ve accomplished the first step – awareness that you have the pattern. You can find many examples in people’s lives that are obviously repeating some kind of a pattern but are not aware of it. If you don’t have awareness of the issue  it’s very difficult to start to deal with that.

Working with a coach is what helped Adam bring into awareness the cause of his pattern. With that knowledge, Adam took what he learned and then took the next step of finding a specialist to further unravel and deal with what he’d discovered with his coach. Getting a really good awareness of your issue may not happen overnight, but it’s well worth the work to discover.

Confront the Issue

While confronting the cause of your pattern may be painful, what’s worse is continuing in that pattern. Now is the time to get it out of the way so you can get back to doing what you’re doing.

In this process, it’s very important to have a very powerful ‘Why’ behind why you want to make the change. Are you sick and tired of the pain of repeating the pattern or are you done limiting your capacity to serve other people because you of this pattern? Find out what gives you the motivation and energy push through the challenge to get the help you need to break out of the pattern.

Then you must decide what’s going to work for you. Do you need a coach? Do you need therapy? Adam found his solution in a financial psychologist – a very specialized person. Do you need a group, mastermind group, or one on one? Decide what kind of solution will work for you and then find that solution.

Change takes time. Many of us as looking for the easy way to change into a different person overnight, but we end up disappointed. You have to remember the transformation we undergo like that of a butterfly.

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