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Ep. 005 Money Mindset

Money Mindset In Business and In LifeAdam Dudley, Business Coach, Author

Adam Dudley is the author of Clarity for Solos and a mentor, coach, and champion for solo and small business owners. He helps them to create high-performing businesses that empower their life’s work and liberates them to live as they choose.

Money Mindset For Business OwnersMoney Mindset

Human beings in our modern society seem to struggle with money in different ways.

Some are chasing money as a symbol of their fulfillment in life. Others are afraid of accumulating money based on personal beliefs that money is “bad” and some choose to spend it all as a proof of their commitment to succeed. It is always refreshing and helpful to explore how we value or judge money.

When you value money, you attract it, when you judge it you either repel it or misuse it. Tell us how money makes you feel:

1-How do you personally deal with money?

2-What situations did you experience which have shaped your relationship with money? Read Tony Robbins’ Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook
3-How do the people you spend the most time with interact with money? Do they judge it or value it?


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“Ask yourself: “What can I do to improve myself by 1 percent, or even 1/2 a percent.””

“This is progress.”

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