Personal Branding For Executives

Ep. 003 Be Cognizant Of Your Brand

Personal Branding For Female ExecutivesDiane Diaz, Brand Strategist

Diane is a self-proclaimed brand geek and 360Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist. She uses her two decades of combined branding and teaching experience to teach executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs to unleash the power of their personal brands so they can be rock stars in their businesses.

Diane Diaz, Brand StrategistBe Cognizant Of Your Personal Brand

Personal brand strategy is important to everyone regardless of whether you’re an executive, professional, entrepreneur, student, or stay at home mom. Everyone should be a steward of how their personal brand is received by their audience. Hence, your personal brand is YOUR opportunity to differentiate yourself from others in your industry. You are the one thing you have that your competitors don’t have. And your authenticity is what will make you stand out from others who may offer similar skills, products, or services.

Every single thing that you do makes an impression on how your audience perceives you. Each moment that your audience comes into contact with your personal brand is a touch point. And having personal brand consistency across all touch points is the key to a clear and consistent personal brand image.

Your personal brand tells a story. And if you don’t create that story, your audience will. So you should be the one in charge of crafting the story that your personal brand tells. And you can do this in so many ways in person and online.

Diane’s Quotes

“Consistency in your brand build trust.”

“Personal branding applies to everyone, student, parents, executives…”

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