Transform Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

Ep. 001 Transform Negative Energy

How To Transform Negative EnergyI am usually very optimistic, detached and poised. But on July 14th, on Bastille day, equivalent on the American 4th of July my country was attacked again. Fear for my family and then anger totally overwhelmed me. I don’t want to blame anyone, not even those perpetrators who certainly are either mentally challenged or who lost in their humanness. I was angry because I felt powerless. One of the worse feeling ever. You feel paralyzed. At the effect of life.

Many of you have experience this feeling and then choose anger because it feels better than being powerless. But you are still in a realm of what we call catabolic energy. A draining energy that sucks everything out of you if you do not pay attention.

So, I had 2 very short nights, and very long day before I chose to finally move up to energy levels that would not only make me feel better but also generate positive vibes for this world! A place where we all win.

So how do we do to channel the draining energy of victimhood and anger towards a more constructive energy?

First you want to prepare the ground. In this case preparing the ground would be to simply notice what is happening.
What thoughts are coming up repeatedly? What other feelings does those thoughts generate?
Stay in observation mode as long as needed.
When we notice, we tend to be more upset at first. If you find yourself there, you are in the right place. Keep going!
The next step is to fertilize the ground so we can then plant the seed of change.
This is when you realize where you are and imagine where you want to be. We want to feel at peace, have cleared minds so we can think, design solutions or focus on helping others.
Write down where you want to be, how you want to feel, think about the ideal situation. You do not need a journal, a simple piece of paper, a draft email opened if you are a multitasker or an app on your phone. This step will help you lower your level of stress, reconnect with your thinking capabilities, and help you see potential options.

At this stage, you are ready to plant the seed of change to shit your catabolic energy into a rejuvenating energy.

The seed you want to plant is the ideal or portion of it. Today in my case, preparing the ground was about identifying the story I was telling myself. Then fertilizing the ground was about thinking and imagining how I wanted to show up, support and make a difference in this world. What could it be? How would it make me feel and what could be the potential outcome?

The seed, or what we call intention when aiming for sustainable change, I planted was about channeling my sense of powerlessness and my anger towards something that would make me feel good, empowered, and healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. I also wanted it to ideally impact others positively. So, I drove to home depot bought and literally set up a raised garden bed in less than 45 minutes, planted herbs in one corner of my outdoor patio, replanted all my other plants and ended up by pressure washing my pathway, cleaning my windows.

The process does not end here when you are looking for sustainable change.
I felt accomplished, very positive, while I was working hard setting up my garden, my stress level lowered, my mind was filled with positive thoughts about the upcoming plants, then delicious, healthy and free fruits and veggies Yann and I will enjoy in a few weeks.
I can tell you as well I felt great as my body moved some muscles I did not remember existed, I already feel the soreness in my arms and my shoulders and most importantly I know I will have a restful night.
Mentally, I was given so much energy and creative ideas on how to help others as well and I am confident more will germinate in the next few days.

The fourth step in my process for sustainable change is to water the plant. Like in gardening, what is important is not what you sow but how you take care of your plant. Without water, unless it is a cactus, you will not reap any fruits, veggies, or any flowers. It is the same with your intention, it must be nurtured to become a strong habit part of your new paradigm. My way of fostering my intention was to decide to write a script for this first episode of planting the seeds of change on anger and talk about how we can all shift our energy into a constructive one. This initiative will ultimately keep me on track with my desire to feel good, show up positively and make a difference in this world. So, as you might guess, this is the first episode of a long series.

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